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"Peter Fogel offers a flight plan for you to reflect on your own career progress and possible mid-course corrections. This is a fun read of a very serious topic as you evaluate your self worth and contribution along with what gives you happiness, satisfaction and the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy."
~Howard Putnam, Former CEO Southwest Airlines, Author,
The Winds of Turbulence"...Helps You Master Yourself, Your Brand, and Income Potential..."

"Never before has a book been so relevant for the times than Peter’s book, Reboot Your Career. If you want to learn how to master the process to reinventing yourself, your brand, and your income potential, devour this book! And believe me, you’ll laugh your way through it!"
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“If you haven’t reinvented yourself in today’s economy, economies of the future will reinvent you.  Your choice is not if you will change—it’s a matter of when, how, and if it’s by your design or not.  If you want more out of your career, life, and financial future you owe it to yourself to not only read this book --  but devour it and apply it NOW!  
~Spike Humer Author, Speaker, and Performance -Enhancement Expert

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" 'Reboot Your Career' gives the principles, concepts, and the no-brainer actions you need to put forth if you're truly serious about reinventing yourself.  Fogel outlines the steps you need to get results fast!  With focus and determination, you can reach your career goals, regardless where you are in the corporate pecking order!"                      
~Tom McCarthy, Author"...Shows you how to bring out your uniqueness..."

"Peter Fogel inspires you with his humor and insights, to get out of your comfort zone so you can stretch your talents to the maximum. This book gives you the necessary tools to become indispensable to your boss and company. Once you do that, your sky's the limit into how you can achieve complete career satisfaction."
~Dr. Tony Alessandra, author of the 
Platinum Rule, Charisma,  and  Switched on Selling

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